Advice on measuring for rugs

We know that unless you're actually an interior designer, it's difficult to visualise the rug you want in your space and if it will fit.  Many of our rugs are heavy and expensive to return so we are putting on this blog to try and stop this becoming necessary.  Below are some diagrams with suggestions as to how the rug should sit with the furniture in the room.   



The simplest way to visualise the size of the rug you want is to measure it out on the floor in the required space and mark it with four sheets of paper in the corners or something else suitable.  

You would be surprised how many rugs we get back with the cry "it wasn't as big as I thought it would be".  Having said that, most of our rugs are handmade which isn't an exact science so measurements can vary a few cms.  If you are measuring for a rug in a very specific space, we recommend you contact us first with your measurements so we can measure the exact rug we plan to send you to make sure it will fit.  We are always happy to do this for you.