RUG SOLID Pastel Rag Rugs with Baby Pink or White Base 140 x 200 cm

  • £105.00

Rug Solid of Denmark bring the production of rag rugs to a whole new level and these two lovely 140 x 200 cm rugs are no exception.  One has a white base with pastels and a little bit of black mixed in for effect, the other has a baby pink base with pastels.

Handwoven from 100% recycled cotton, Rug Solid carefully hand select the pastels for each rug from the waste remnants from the clothing industry.  This ensures that while each rug is an individual work of art, the pattern and colours are so similar that you can choose more than one confident that they will tone.
  • Bound edges
  • Fully reversible for extra wear between cleaning.
  • Machine washable.
  • All Rug Solid products are certified according to the Global Recycle Standard - check it out at