MOLN Luxurious Cotton Chenille Rug in Shaded Cream in 4 sizes SALE!

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One of our premier selling rugs every Winter over several years with good reason.

We have a few left of winter stock on offer at 20% or more off.
Luxurious cotton and chenille handloomed rugs woven in Berber style, i.e.  shaded with tones of magnolia and cream with undertones of grey coming through in the chenille.  

We recommend that you zoom in on a close up photo of the rug to get a better understanding of the shading. 
The chenille makes these rugs really soft warm and comfy rugs underfoot and the shading, despite the pale colour, means they don't show the dirt. Comprises 50% recycled natural cotton, 50% cotton chenille. 
Reversible for extra wear between cleaning.   Fringed edges.  

Available in 4 sizes:-
60 x 90 cm
90 x 150 cm
120 x 180 cm
180 x 245 cm